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Protecting Member Integrity

We strive to present only profiles of real people who are on for the right reasons. All profiles submitted to go through an approval process, but we rely on users like you to improve the overall experience for everyone. Thank you. 


If you receive an inappropriate email or see a profile that seems suspicious in any way, please notify us. You can do this from any profile page or from any email received. This information goes directly to and is reviewed by our Member Integrity Team. If you want to report someone and need to locate the member again, search user by username, then report your concern from the member's profile.

Some situations require more information than others. If a profile just appears "fake” you, has inappropriate content, no additional information may be necessary and you can simply Report a Concern. In these cases, if someone receives enough complaints and/or is found, after careful review, to have posted a fraudulent profile, they will be blocked from the site. More serious issues require detailed information so that we may determine if they require a more thorough investigation. If you feel this issue is very serious, we request you to give us a Detailed Report or Contact Us.

Unsure which report to submit? To help clarify, see the examples provided below.


When to Report a Concern


- If anyone requests money

- If anyone tries to sell you merchandise or services*

- If someone tries to offer you a job or another “unique opportunity,” especially in another country

- If someone's profile text or emails claim they are not actually in the location their profiles states (e.g. they are really in Russia or Nigeria)

- If someone's profile just does not add up (e.g. the picture doesn't match the information)


Tip: Many fraudsters seek men in a very large age range, or men 40-60.


When to submit a Detailed Report


- If a member sends you harassing or offensive emails

- If you know married people or minors who are using the service

- If you see inappropriate profiles or photos on the site, or if you receive inappropriate photos via email

- If a member behaves inappropriately after meeting in person

- If a member violates any other policy

A solicitation is an offer to sell something to someone. Our Terms of Service strictly prohibits the use of this site/service for the purposes of solicitation. Please notify us at immediately if another member sends you links to a pay-to-view site or includes instructions about how to call a 1-900 telephone number. Also report invitations to join other singles sites, emails about modeling opportunities or attempts to sell merchandise or services.



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