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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Some of the questions our users have asked us in the past are below. Hope these will be of help to you . If not, feel free to contact us anytime

For all “Website” users:

“KeeHee” is the sound of loud laughter. Imagine stressing out about a service that you need but cannot afford or exceeds your budget. KeeHee has disrupted the service providers industry by creating an innovative platform to connect people needing and people offering services in a safe and efficient space. KeeHee has streamlined the process of connecting ordinary people with special skill sets with budget savvy consumers. As a customer you create a free Ad for a service you require, setting your price. Imagine hooking up with a PTA Dad in your area who loves to landscape in his free time; you have been thinking about landscaping your yard for years. He agrees to the price posted on your Ad, no hassle no additional negotiation and the process is in motion. The KeeHee platform creates the opportunity for both parties to find each other and conduct business safely and smoothly. KeeHee is helping people save and creating opportunities for others to make extra money! KeeHee is Simple, Intuitive and Necessary! When you realize how nifty this platform is don’t you want to laugh out loud? Just let it out-KeeHeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
We prioritize your safety and security. KeeHee takes extreme measures in maintaining your privacy and security our Website. The information you provide us is private and we prevent unauthorized access by all means through industry standard technologies and internal procedures. Although, we take all measures to the best of our ability to secure the Website, we cannot guarantee the use of unauthorized access through the website. We highly recommend that users keep their password confidential and never disclose or share it with anyone. It’s your sole responsibility to keep your account and its information confidential from others.
KeeHee acts as the middle man for both the customers and the service providers. You, the Customer, has the complete power to hire and fire a service provider for any reason you deem fit. Service providers also have the right to refuse a customer’s business at their discretion. The KeeHee platform creates the opportunity for both parties to find each other a No Negotiating and No Hassle environment to conduct a business transaction safely and effortlessly.

For “Customers”:

Customers can receive a refund to his/her account as long as they have not received a service and his/her voucher has not been redeemed. For further information pertaining to this topic please view KeeHee “TERM OF USE”.
i. You have the right to refuse service from any Service Providers, at any at any time for any reason before your service vouchers is redeemed;
ii. Please note services rendered will be subjected to prorated fees in the event the cancellation was not due to default by the service provider. It is highly recommended that both parties are clear as to the terms and the scope of the project before any work resumes.
You are responsible and liable for all communication and transaction between you and the Service Providers.

For “Services Providers”:

Depends our subscription plan, for example our basic plan ($34.99) subscriber receives payment 3-5 days. please view KeeHee “USERS PACKAGES”. It will also depend on your successful progression of a project/job. You will view the Customer electronic vouchers, but you will only redeem the electronic voucher when you’ve completed at least 70% (seventy percent) or more of the requested service;
Purchased by customers and redeemed by Service Providers or a Merchants. It is a receipt for payment and a confirmation of service, of which is send via-email to the Customer KeeHee’s account. Upon hiring a Service Provider and with its cash value, the vouchers are used as form of payment for services to Service Providers. Redeem Vouchers – Service Providers or Merchants redeem Customer Vouchers to finalize sale for services. A proof that a service was rendered to a Customer and the Customer has approved for payment to be release to the Service Provider Merchant account.
Services Providers may accept help from others at his/her own discretion;
KeeHee does not permit transfer for transaction from one Service Provider to another.