Pandora Box for Dating!


As we know by now that Imagery defines a lot about its subject, that’s why it is extremely important to be truthful to yourself and other while displaying your best self. Uploading photos on your main profile will captivate the attention other compatible users. And uploading photo and video onto your Pandora Box profile will give you the advantage to meet your soulmate, the one true person who will acceptances you are you’re, respect your according to your current and past situations and trust you for being truthful about who you are. That’s the ultimate definitions of pure love.

  1. From your main profile, select Upload Photo.
  2. From your Pandora Box profile, select Upload Photo or Upload Video.
  3. You can take a new photo or add a previously taken shot.
  4. Repeat as much as you’d like! Your account can hold up to 8 photos - 13 if you’re an VIP member!

A reminder that whether your image is "Public" (visible on your profile) or "Private" (it doesn't appear on your profile, but can be view in your Pandora's Box by other approved Users), all images are moderated, and must follow our image rules.

Questions about what type of photos we allow? Check our Community Guidelines.

All images uploaded on are reviewed for compliance with Community Guidelines.

Please ensure you're following our image rules when uploading any image to both your main profile and your Pandora Box profile.

  1. All your main profile images should be focused on you, with your face clearly visible. However, your Pandora’s Box must be ONLY about you but does not have to focus on your face.
    • Images with heavy filters, including any Snapchat filters, will be removed from your main profile.
    • Group shots, or images with multiple people is permitted on your main profile if the other people in the image is blocked out and not recognizable by other users.
    • However, group shots, or images with multiple people is not permitted in your Pandora Box profile, which could result in your account to be eliminated.
    • Hats and sunglasses are allowed for main profile, as long as your entire face is visible but fully acceptable for your Pandora Box profile.
  2. Absolutely no minors are allowed in images
    • We have a zero-tolerance policy where minors feature in photos. Please refrain from posting as we will remove them from your profile or eliminate your account.
  3. No memes cartoons, or text on your images
    • Memes certainly have a time and a place, but it’s not here. Images that contain overlaid text or watermarks are not allowed either and will be removed.
  4. No shirtless or swimwear images out of context
    • Being shirtless or in a bathing suit on the beach is ok for your profile...but not indoors please. (Yep, that means no shirtless bathroom selfies for your main profile!)
    • No lingerie or underwear photos
    • The good news is that shirtless, swimwear, lingerie and underwear photo and video are allowed on your Pandora Box profile only.

    While we're at it, you should also know that uploading certain images violate our community guidelines and will result in your account being permanently eliminated. Please never upload images that contain:

    • Shows of violence, violent gestures, or gruesome imagery
    • Depictions of criminal activity or drug use.
    • Racist or hate imagery

We understand that gender is a big part of who we are, and we want to make sure that everyone is able to express their genders freely in the our community.

When creating a new account, you can select the gender that you identify as, whether you are a man, woman, cis man, cis woman, trans man, trans woman, or non-binary. You can also choose whether you want this info visible on your profile. We want you to feel safe and free to express your own gender identity on your Plenty of Fish profile in the way that you feel is best.

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