KeeHee.com is a lead generation platform designed to accommodate Customers, local businesses and professional individuals with common interests to conduct business with "No Negotiating and No Hassle!"


We live in a time which supply and demand do not always balance out with the average person’s income. The average American spends at least 40% of their income on services that he/she needs. Local businesses do not alter set prices because they have to afford to stay in business. May 2014, CBSDC reported that in 2017 more than 92 Million Americans will be out of jobs and seeking some form of employment. The KeeHee service providers can adequately supplement his/her income by doing what they love, operating within the KeeHee infrastructure. The KeeHee platform helps to create jobs and build communities. Eliminating some of the glitches that cause economic meltdown and recessions.

The average American wants to work and live the American dream. On the one hand, most people are working with limited budgets when they need service. On the other, there is always someone out there with the skillset willing to provide services for the price that the customer can afford.

How can KeeHee contribute to lowering unemployment? How can we balance supply and demand for customers? How can we unite communities to help each another? Look no farther! Just KeeHee it!


KeeHee is designed for the customer who is in need of services, wants to hire Professional help but DOES NOT want to exceed his/her budget limit. The KeeHee customer has full control of how much money he/she wants to spend and whom they decide to hire with "No Negotiating and No Hassle!" Our platform is also designed to service local business.

With just a few clicks, local businesses can save a minimum of $1,500 per year on advertisements and focus more on providing excellent service to extraordinary customers. Our top priority is to make a comprehensive contribution to reducing unemployment in America. Our primary goal is to create an equal opportunity networking system which allows Professional individuals and job candidates with skillsets, talents, and abilities to provide excellent service to others while earning extra income or to gain temporary employment.


Our vision to strive to reduce or end poverty by creating the opportunities which enable people to spend or earn money according to their desires.


Our mission is to unify communities by providing a platform where people of common interest can conduct business with “No Negotiating and No Hassle,” in the end everyone wins!

What Inspire KeeHee?

Like all great ideas, it starts with a vision. However, KeeHee was inspired by real life experiences. Let’s take Lisa’s story for instance. Lisa is a single mother of two beautiful children. She needs to move over the weekend, and she’s working with a set budget. She can’t afford to hire a professional moving company because their rate is far too expansive and exceeds Lisa’s budget. Her two-beautiful little helpers are too young to lift the family furniture.

Now Lisa is desperate, so she asks her friends and family for help, but it all comes to a dead end

If only she knew anyone who could help her move over the weekend and she will pay for their service. Lisa needs the services of KeeHee.com. Lisa just needs to KeeHee!

At KeeHee.com we have Paul who lives few blocks away from Lisa and works as a professional Furniture Delivery Service worker but enjoys helping people in his free time for some extra income.

KeeHee.com makes it easy and convenient for Lisa and Paul to exchange a common interest with “No Negotiating and No Hassle!” Lisa posts her ad specifying how much she can afford to pay for moving on KeeHee.com. Paul considers and accepts Lisa’s price with “No Negotiating and No Hassle!”

When we’re in need of a service and working with a limited budget, the last thing we want to hear is a costly estimate for service. Sometimes in desperation we hire help based on a recommendation by family or friends, which does not always work out right.

Hiring the perfect help can become tedious and frustrating, especially when you’re working with a limited budget.

KeeHee.com has revolutionize the process by giving you unlimited access to service providers willing to work with your budget At KeeHee.com, customers set budgets and hire the perfect help without NO NEGOTIATING and NO HASSLE! It is your money, no one should tell you how to spend it!

Conversely, for business owners and professional individuals, it’s convenient and since it takes a lot of the guesswork out, they can focus more on providing excellent service to extraordinary customersSign up today for your free account at KeeHee.com and experience the total convenience of connecting with the right service provider on this spectacular and innovative platform. Get involved in the seamless exchange of transactions between customers, local business and professional individuals with NO HASSLE and NO NEGOTIATION! In the end, everyone wins!